Sulim Yamadaev. Mysticism chechen.

Once wrote on the blog about the murder of Sulim Yamadaev.

И вот недавно все СМИ России или почти все раструбили новость о том что Сулим Ямадаев жив и даже выложили его фотографию. Вот она


Recently almost all of the Russian media revealed that Sulim Yamadaev is alive and even showed his photo. Here it is:


The photo doesn't appear to be a fake or doctored. Before this photo, there was another photo of Sulim circling the net.

But the interesting fact is that the killers of Sulim were sentenced to life in prison, even though Sulim is still alive. I myself believed that something was amiss. There was never a body found. His brother Isa revealed that Sulim is alive just after 2 days of the news of his death. I'm interested how all this will end

PS:Since 1996, Sulima Yamadaev, the most conservative estimates, there were some 19 attempted murder.