Shaq Tattoos

Shaquile O'Neal, often named by his nick name 'Shaq' is a 37-years old American Celebrity that has couple of labels behind his name including Actor, Rapper, Professional Basketball Player, Reserve Police Officer and Deputy Marshal. With a height of 7'1" and a weight of 325 pounds, Shaq is one of the most dominant players and the largest Player in the annals of NBA. Shaq is known to have used his size, strength and powers throughout his career spanning 17-years to beat the opponents by heavy margins.

Like his size, the tattoos of Shaq are also often heavy and large in size. Recently, Shaq was spotted displaying his newest tattoo on his massive arm. The tattoo displays an image from the video game Hitman and shows a bald and shadowy figure with a big gun in each hands. Shaq is also known for a massive Superman tattoo on his chest, which he sometimes shows off on his TV Show. Apart from his extraordinary performances on the grounds for NBA, Shaq is the only player of NBA who sports massive and designer tattoos on his body including the words 'Big' and the design of a heavy muscled man.