Flaming Dagger

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be artistic or manly, the flames and the skin-piercing parts look rather pathetic. What I can say for sure is that this guy is a gamer, since every gamer knows that blades on fire are better than the regular ones.

There's Something In This Smile

Say cheeeeezeeeee

Douche Tribal Tat

1. Tribal (chain ?) tat - check
2. Face expression that makes it uncomfortable to be with him in the same room - check
3. You can see his underwear - check
4. Ugly circle tats around nipples and navel - triple check

Yes, you pass the douche tat test, congratulations ! Now you can put your shirt on and don't forget to pop the collar.

"Fuck Court"

Here's a heart warming story for you, at the age of 14 this guy was sent to juvenile hall for aggravated assault with fatal consequences, there, he asked his juvie friends to tattoo on his forehead the phrase "Jebać Sąd" (Fuck Court [though, "jebać" is significantly stronger than English "fuck"]). Why ? As he explained "I felt harmed by the court's decision, during the assault I was with two of my friends but they weren't sent to the juvenile hall like I was.". So where's the twist ? Now, he's 21 and he decided to change his life. He will end his sentence in 2010, but in orded to get a fresh start he needed to have his tattoo removed. Although his cell mates mock him, he had it removed (by a painfull skin stretching followed by cutting out the tat).

Alien Fairy

Let alone the head, look at her body. Or maybe not, just look at the head.

Garden Chair

"You know what, I want my tat to be special, no dragons or tribals .. I guess a garden chair would be something that I always wanted to be inked on me"

Cross, Noodle (?), And Dreams of Ice Cream

Can someone explain ? Or was it supposed to be just random, if the second option is correct, this one should be considered a masterpiece

Victim Of A Wrong Kanji Tattoo

From the source :

"It's a bit heartbreaking for us just to see a picture like this. Do you see what we're talking about here?As you can see, the lady in this photo got a little Kanji tattooed on her belly. Maybe it looks fine to people who aren't so familiar with Japanese Kanji symbols. For her, it WAS supposed to be "wind" in Japanese Kanji, but in fact the the letter was placed REVERSELY by some inexperienced tattoo designer or someone who didn't pay much attention to the result. Otherwsie it is likely that she picked the Kanji symbol from one of those web sites for free to save money"

Let's Have A Quiz 6

hmmm ... his birthday party ?


"trapped soul on my left side of my neck", this quote will suffice.

Sheri Moon Zombie from the The Devil's Rejects

The tattoo :And the original :

At least the numbers are correct

Thanks Christal for this horrible finding.


Judging by the effect of the scarification I hope that the tat beneath was utterly obnoxious.

D&D Scene

I know it's not finished (or is it?) but future of this tat is from horrible to vomit evoking. (Ps. This tat probably have nothing to do with D&D, it just has these swords, axes, dragon and shit)

Lara Croft

Am I the only one who thinks that, in this tat, she looks like a fish ?

Let's Have A Quiz 5

My guess, grass-demon antlers protecting an egg.

Horrible Tats From Norway

FHM organized a contest for the worst Norwegian tats, these are the candidates.

Original article in Norwegian, and Google's translate version of this site. Check this site for the stories behind those tats.

Many thanks to drittlei, who gave me this source.


What I like about this tat is the failed attempt at drawing some grass (the \|/ , under DC),

Cabbage Patch Kid

... with mittens.

Best Friend Tat

"BFF Man !!!! Now, pull down your pants so I can see myself"

Flaming Skull

Tattoo so bad that it needs captions when presented.