Texas Boy

White trash, bike and a burning street all finished with a wonderful frame. It makes no sense whatsoever.


Yes, that's my kind of a paradise, bacon like island with two palms and a crappy Virgo sign.


Some people wear jewelery with their zodiac sing, others don't even bother to remember to which arbitrary category they belong, and there's this guy who apparently lacks any taste whatsoever and likes his zodiac sign a little bit too much. (who would do such a thing ? The wife-beater might give you some hint )

USA Eagle

Is it just me or some tattoo animals have the "please, kill me" face expression ?

Horrible Tat Pack

A nice pack of tattoos from Molly McIsaac. Thanks a lot !

Turkey ?

In my quest to find a Thanksgiving themed tattoo, I have found this one. At least it seems to be a turkey. 

Cup Of Tea ?

Some time ago this tattoo( Teapot ) aroused some controversies, I hope that this time we can all agree that this one is utterly horrific.


Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the pubic area ? If so this tattoo makes kind of more sense .

Found by Mario Haas, Thanks !

Let's Have A Quiz 3

Hmmmm I see some kind of a beak ... and I have no idea what this is supposed to be

Alien Pack

I see that the extraterrestrials are through with anal probes, now they are making tattoos, not the best ones though

Portrait Of A Man

Another victim of a portrait tattoo. Notice how vertical face oval turned into a horizontal one


This is what happens when the "eyes behind your head" joke isn't enough

New England Patriots

Here is a vintage NEP logo from 1971 - 1992

And here, a horrible tattoo (they seem to have something in common)

Bad Hair Day

Do you sometimes wake up with a lead singer and a guitar tangled in your hair ? I hate when that happens.

Fringe Lady

Have you noticed that portrait tattoos tend to exaggerate the ugliest features of the picture ?

Ooozing Eye Balls

Beautiful oozing eggish eyeballs