Murder of businessman in Moscow

Today, on the night of April 29, 2010 in Moscow, from Kalashnikov and pistol was killed Dagestani businessman, deputy general director Uniway management for the production of wine and vodka Abdulmedzhid Hasanov.

The killer shot the businessman in his own Porsche Cayenne in front of his wife and children.



Koi fish tattoo design

koi fish full back tattoo design
A popular tattoo design in China - Koi fish full back.


"Zhmurky" AKA "Dead Man's Bluff" has finally been released in English. As I stated in a previous post Russian criminal movies , the film is an excellent humorous representation of the Russian criminal element of the early 90's. I highly recommend.

I hope more and more Russian criminal dramas will be available in English in the future.

Tattoo Designs - Chinese, Celtic etc

A "Tattoo" is a permanent or non permanent design which can be done on any part of the body. While non permanent tattoos are the simplest way to get a design on your skin, permanent tattoos are a painful experience with needles puncturing the design on your skin.

Non-permanent tattoos are designs that come on flimsy sheets of paper and the designs can be easily transferred on to the skin by applying water on the backside of the surface with design. This can also be washed off according to the convenience of the user. Other ways of acquiring a non permanent tattoo are henna designs or designs made with silver nitrate. Both these type of tattoos fade only after 10-15 days.

Permanent tattoos are of artistic nature and acquiring a permanent tattoo requires, patience, ability to with stand pain, choosing a good tattoo artist and ensuring hygienic practice of this art form. One can choose from a wide variety of tattoo designs that are categorized as: angel tattoos, Chinese tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Aztec tattoos, astrology tattoos, evil tattoos, fantasy tattoos the range is ever widening. The choice of your design reflects the style statement you wish to make with the design now being a permanent feature of your body.

Tattoo designs can be ornamental in nature as reflected by modern youth to indicate interest in body art while tattoo designs can also be indicative of religious or community symbols. Excessive tattoo and body art designs were initially used by criminals to indicate their psyche and criminal behavior. Therefore, employment in various fields may not take too kindly to visible tattoos and body art on account of such notions.

Permanent tattoos also run the risk of infections and allergies that rise from the kind of needles used by tattoo artists. Modern methods in tattoo design have done away with such fears. The electric tattoo machine now commonly used by tattoo artists insert the ink into the skin with the help of a group of needles that are held together by a bar which is attached to an oscillating unit. The needles used are single use needles which ensure safe and sanitary practices. One should also ensure that the tattoo artist wears gloves and uses disposable wet towels as and when required.

Complex Rose Tattoo Design Ideas

A very popular tattoo image is a rose tattoo design. This can appear in many different styles and designs with some images looking like single roses and others looking like bunches of flowers. Sometimes the rose tattoo design appears as a border around other tattoo designs as ornamentation. Almost every tattoo shop in the world has this sort of flower design within their tattoo image catalog. Because of its popularity the rose tattoo design is very familiar to these tattoo shop artists. For many years the rose tattoo was one of the most popular designs for men and women tattoo shop customers alike.

Some tattoo artists become specialists at this sort of tattoo deign and have many customers that return for additional flower tattoos over the years. The flowers may all be the same type of flower or some people even get tattoos of various types of flowers on their bodies. As the vibrant colors start to fade over time as all tattoo images do, the customers will go back to the tattoo shop artists and have the tattoo image re-inked to bring back that vibrancy and sharpness of color to the images. This is becoming a very common thing for many people to have done to keep the vibrant colors in their tattoo images. It doesn't take nearly as long to recolor a tattoo as it does to have one done initially. Sometimes the whole process takes only an hour or so to accomplish.

If you want to have a rose tattoo design on your body you can search online for any web site that has these sorts of images, whether the images are drawings or photographs. Any photos can be brought to the tattoo shop and the artists can create a tattoo image from the photo and add any elements the customer wants to add in. The artists can also remove any elements that don't fit in the design or to make it a better tattoo image for the customer. The customer may also want to have the rose tattoo design as a border for another tattoo image which is always popular with customers.

It's no longer only women who have flower tattoos on their bodies. Many men have started having flower tattoos inked onto their bodies though the design may be part of a larger design which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with flowers. Maybe it's a tattoo image of a dragon with roses in its teeth or a scene of a castle with roses flowing down over the sides. The main thing to remember is that the rose tattoo need not be just for women or just for men either. There's no reason that both sexes can't have a rose tattoo design on their bodies.

The Bright Art of Sun Tattoo Design

A very popular design for many customers coming into a tattoo shop is a sun tattoo design. The design may be part of a much larger image that can also feature moon designs and star motifs along a celestial theme of images. Many people choose the sun tattoo design because the sun signifies life and power and that's what many people want their tattoo choices to convey to others. The design can be a small or large version of a sun image and the tattoo can be a symbolic and traditional image of the sun or it can be a more relaxed and artistic view of the sun with perhaps a smiley face across the design.

Almost every tattoo shop in the world has images of sun, stars and moon as offerings for their customers. These designs come in a wide range of styles, designs and sizes as well as colors. Some customers prefer the traditional sun tattoo design while others are quick to choose anything but the traditional sun design jut to be more unique. This is why many tattoo shop artists have a lot of choices for their customers in the tattoo shop catalog. When a customer comes in and wants a tattoo design like this, the tattoo shop artist can simply take out the catalog and show off the many designs already drawn up. If the customer wants a more unique design the tattoo shop artist can modify the design for the client very easily in many cases.

The customer can find an image of the sun design either in a magazine or online by using one of many search engines. The images the customer finds can then be taken to a tattoo shop artist and he can create a tattoo design from these images. The created design will be much more unique than if the design was simply chosen from a tattoo design catalog. This ability to have a unique design created is what keeps many tattoo shops in business as many people are looking to have more personal and unique designs created for their tattoo images.

For many people getting a tattoo for the first time, the sun tattoo design may be one of the first choices they make for a personal tattoo. It is simple and easy to have tattooed onto your body and there's generally only one color to the design which means that the tattooing will be over and done with fairly quickly. For the first tattoo design, this may mean a great deal especially if the person isn't very good at tolerating any amount of pain. Most people do very well their first time getting a tattoo because they're more aware of the fact that there will be some degree of pain involved.

Top Female Sleeve Tattoo Designs - For Something Feminine and Sexy in Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos have been very popular recently. Many men have gotten full, half and even quarter sleeve tattoo featuring flames, Japanese designs and other such designs. However, women are now also starting to get full sleeve tattoo designs. However, they are not getting the same types of designs as men. For the most part women want a more female tattoo design or their sleeve. However, since this is kind of a new area many women are not sure what to get for their design. This article will help identify some ideas that might help in formulating your own thoughts and coming up with your own design. These of course are just some suggestions from experience.

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoos

Koi fish of course are a very popular design theme in Japan. Many of the most traditional forms of tattooing in Japan frequently use koi fish. In Japan and in China the Koi fish is thought of as a symbol for power, freedom and independence. These are symbols that can speak to many women either being something they desire or something they already have. Thus koi tattoo designs can make a great option for sleeve tattoo designs.

Lotus Flower Sleeve Tattoos

Lotus flower tattoos are also another great option. Again these are more popular in Asian countries. However, lotus flower tattoo designs are also now becoming very popular in United States. They are deeply symbolic and can stand for striving, spirituality, or even just womanhood. Their shape and design can easily be made into a very beautiful sleeve tattoo design. The way the lotus flower rises up from the mud to the surface of the water can also be use in designs a lotus flower sleeve tattoo design.

Angel Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Angels are of course a very popular design for women and can go just about anywhere on the body. However, they can also make a beautiful sleeve tattoo design hat is still feminine and cute while looking large and covering the full sleeve easily. The wings can spread out around the arm and make a beautiful tattoo design.

Flower Sleeve Tattoos

Flowers always work well for any feminine tattoo design and there are many different flowers out there. Each flower of course has a different set of symbolism and meaning behind it so it would be smart to check out any symbolism or meaning before getting such a tattoo. However, there are tons of really beautiful and symbolic flowers. The Hibiscus and plumeria flower can work well for a full sleeve tattoo design as well as the Cherry Blossom can work.

Star and Nautical Star Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Stars of course are always a favorite choice by many women for tattoos. They can work well just about anywhere including the upper back, ankle and even the foot. The beauty and symbolism of star tattoo can easily be adapted into a beautiful full sleeve tattoo design. A cluster of smaller stars, a nautical star or even a really large shooting star can all be incorporated into a sleeve tattoo design beautifully.

Tattoos For Women - Top Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot tattoo designs are a great option for someone looking to get a tattoo or add to their tattoo collection. They are often small, less expensive and they are very easy to cover up. So they make a great tattoo. However, deciding what to get for your foot tattoo design can be difficult. This article will help you identify some ways to locate wonderful foot tattoo designs and also potential areas to watch out for if you are considering getting a foot tattoo.

Locating Designs
Locating the right design for you tattoo can often led people to a lot of frustration. It is common to hear people sigh with exasperation and throw their arms up in the air (well can't "hear" that one but you get the picture) and state they are giving up. They have the ideal tattoo design in their mind and they are looking everywhere for the last six months to try and find the design and they just don't see it anywhere. This is so common and I see people asking for help online out of pure frustration. So in order to put this type of pain and suffering or frustration to an end here is some advice. First of all don't look for the exact tattoo you have in your mind. You probably will never find it. It is not out there and that is a good thing. It means you have thought of something original and unique which will make your tattoo that much better. So instead use the following resources to help you locate research materials to aide the tattoo artist. Then express what you are looking for and turn over your samples to the tattoo artist and let them do their job!

The internet has both paid for sites that have high quality designs then then free photo galleries of tattoos people have already gotten. These both work very well to find sources and ideas for your design. Do not search for free tattoo designs as you will only get back a lot of junk. Instead either pay for a membership site or look at the free gallery sites where people post their own pictures of tattoos they have.

Tattoo Shop
This is the best place to go and a huge help. Make sure you find a shop where you can talk easily with the artists and find people that will listen to your ideas. If the artists in the shop are snotty or rude in anyway just thank them for their time and walk out.

Another location to find tattoo designs that people don't often think about is the local bookstore. You can look through tattoo design books, art books in general, tattoo magazines or even general books that fit in with the theme you are wanting to get. For example if you want a Lord Of The Rings tattoo then you can look for art from that movie in a book and it doesn't necessarily have to be a tattoo oriented book. Just find photographs, artwork and pictures of things you like that are close to what you want.

Potential Downsides
There are some potential downsides to getting a foot tattoo. First of all the foot can be a pretty painful area to get tattoos done. They foot is always moving and often under a sock and shoe and there is a lot of friction and rubbing in the area. Thus the actual time spent getting the tattooing and the healing process can be more painful then with some other tattoo designs. This should not stop you from getting a foot tattoo but if it is your first tattoo you might want to get a small tattoo done somewhere else that is less painful to test our the experience first.

Finding great looking tattoos for women is easy. It helps to follow the above sources and ideas to make your search for foot tattoo designs easier but in the end just relax and enjoy the process. Tattoos should not be something that you rush just to have one or get it done. Instead enjoy the process and spend your time carefully planning and researching the foot tattoo design.

Portrait tattoo

god portrait tattoo on the arm
Another portrait tattoo design featuring an ancient god.

Photo tattoo design

portrait of the daughter inked on his arm
This free tattoo design is interesting - it tries to copy a photo (maybe of this guy's daughter) on his arm. Totally cool.

Murders in Nizhniy

On Friday night April 16 in Nizhniy Novgorod, was shot and killed a local crime avtoritet, nicknamed Samvel. That night, Samvel Karapetyan celebrated its 35 anniversary. After he left the cafe from a passing car VAZ 21010 opened fire, as it turned out later fired from Kalashnikov. Avtoritet was killed on the spot.

заказное убийство

But a year earlier in the same Nizhniy Novgorod was committed another murder of another avtoritet Zahar Grigoryan. He was killed by car thieves from whom he extorted money. Everything happened as he left the cafe, the killers immediately opened fire from a parked car. Zahar tried to run to his Mercedes but was killed. The killers were caught and convicted. It is noteworthy that both the killers and their victims are natives of Armenia.





Lada which was on the line of fire










Shaq Tattoos

Shaquile O'Neal, often named by his nick name 'Shaq' is a 37-years old American Celebrity that has couple of labels behind his name including Actor, Rapper, Professional Basketball Player, Reserve Police Officer and Deputy Marshal. With a height of 7'1" and a weight of 325 pounds, Shaq is one of the most dominant players and the largest Player in the annals of NBA. Shaq is known to have used his size, strength and powers throughout his career spanning 17-years to beat the opponents by heavy margins.

Like his size, the tattoos of Shaq are also often heavy and large in size. Recently, Shaq was spotted displaying his newest tattoo on his massive arm. The tattoo displays an image from the video game Hitman and shows a bald and shadowy figure with a big gun in each hands. Shaq is also known for a massive Superman tattoo on his chest, which he sometimes shows off on his TV Show. Apart from his extraordinary performances on the grounds for NBA, Shaq is the only player of NBA who sports massive and designer tattoos on his body including the words 'Big' and the design of a heavy muscled man.

Ozzy Osbourne Tattoos

Ozzy Osbourne is an English singer and song writer who has been active in the entertainment field for the last five decades. Aged 61, Ozzy is known as the Godfather of Heavy Metal due to his association with the British Heavy Metal Band. Ozzy Osbourne is perhaps one of the very few celebrities who have a large portfolio of tattoos. Ozzy has a large gallery of tattoos on his body, which are mostly on his arms including the tattoos on the fingers.

Some of the tattoos on the body of the Rock Icon Ozzy Osbourne include a rose on right shoulder, sword on right thigh, number '3' on his arm, a skull with knife on left arm, a dagger on right arm, bat and woman's face on upper left shoulder, blue dragon with red flames on chest, the word 'Thanks' on the right palm, long pointed dagger with Ozzy banner on left arm, happy faces on both knees and letters O, Z, Z and Y on knuckles of his left hand

Pamela Anderson Tattoos

Pamela Anderson, the former Playmate, Bunny of the Year and Baywatch Babe is one of the celebrities who exude fame and fortune thru her tattoos. This 38 years old celebrity who was catapulted to fame during the early days of the internet has been in the top 10 tattoo internet search consistently.

Pamela has some abstract images in her body written in black ink and a work of art at her back which is visible when she wears a backless gown. Her truly impressive barbed-wire arm band draws a lot of imitators around the world.

David Beckham: Torso Tattoo

David reveals his torso tattoo
David Beckham has affirmed he will stay at AC Milan till the end of the Italian season, before returning to the LA Galaxy.But in the meantime he is quite busy promoting Emporio Armani spring-summer underwear collection
David Beckham has stripped to his underpants once more in the brand-new advertizement for Emporio Armani underwear. Armani has published new sexy pics of David for the line's spring Collection.
Among the sexy pics,David reveals his torso tattoo. The tattoo is in Chinese language and says, "Death and life have determined appointments, riches and honors depends upon heaven."

Tila Tequila Tattoos

Tattoo in Chinese means “to puncture the body.” They have been part of Chinese culture for many centuries but it was never a dream that someday they would rise as a fashion. They were used as symbol for criminals known as “ci pie” to mean that they are gone forever.

Chinese tattoos quickly drew the attention of the world due to their unique designs and language. Tattoo artists in the West who could read and interpret Chinese language, copied most of the tattoos directly from the printed profile.

Tattoo artists who can understand Chinese are willing to accept tattoo contracts which are done by the use of profane words and images. That is why before you start engraving your tattoo, make sure you know the meaning of the words and designs you have chosen, if you are not well-versed in Chinese words.

Lower back tattoo design

totem-like lower back tattoo
A tribal style lower back design, also like a totem.

Christina Ricci Tattoos

Angelina Sexy back Tattoos

Beautiful Celebrity With Tattoo

Molly Brenner Spyder And Dragon Tattoo

Nice Celebritty With Tattoo

Celebrity Like Tattoo More Sexy


good celebrity with sexy tattoo

Sexy Celebrity Tattoo

Celebrity Tattoo

Thug life (carson)