McD's Fanboy

I hope he gets  at least some free fries when he enters the golden arches.

Cartoon Mr. T

Overweight shirtless and with funny shoes, but why the caption says Mr. Tees ? 


This one is strange, it is so bad (old) that you can barely figure out that it is a lady holding wheels and it's supposed to look like a bicycle, sort of.

Internet Connection

What Matrix would look like in the real world.

Self Inflicted Knife Wound

Was that knife supposed to kill that ugly thing in the corner ? 

Red Face Homicidal Maniac

He was supposed to be smiling. Instead he looks like a maniac serial killer ready to slit your throat

Mc Fan

A couple of more visits to McD's and this tattoo will strech very nicely.

My Little Ponies

Pony Power Forever !

Tear Trio

They are sooo proud of it.

Calf Portraits

Let alone the pseudo-artistic nature of these tats. Why the calfs ? 


He definitely must have been on something when he came with the concept. What do you get when you cross Virgin Marry, Italian cook and a monkey ? This. 

No Fat Chicks

That makes a lot of sense. If you hate chubby women it's perfectly normal and logical to tattoo one on your belly with the "ghostbusters" logo spin-off and a lot of blood coming out of headless neck.

Taco !

With a mustard dip in the most appropriate place.

Leia And Jabba

It so bad that it's difficult to recognize which one is which. Jabba looks like slimer and Leia has some serious steorids problem with all those ab muscles.

Pogo Stick

Blue Dragon Backpiece

.... with flying cubes. The quality is poor but he is probably knitting something, moreover it is the first dragon with testicles.

RPG Exp Tat

A little bit too passionate RPG player.


Shitty tattoo, 'nuf said

Star Trek

To boldly go where no tattoo has gone before. Data looks like "What the hell am I doing here"

Chewbacca Pack

Irish Chewie ? WTF ? Was someone trying to hide the flag and came with an idea to cover it up with Star Wars character ? Yoda would do better, at least he's green.

Wry Face Child

There's something horribly wrong with the mouth-nose-eyes placing.

Three Priorities To Live By

Star wars is the most important :)

Chess Master

Some people just don't like the color of their skin. 

TV Tats vol.1

Colbert, Borat, the Hoff and that guy :)

Self portrait

Ok, it's nicely done I have to admit it, but why would anyone do something like this in the first place ? Well, it's still "better" than most/all from the "sex" section, though

Faces, Clowns and Colorful Things

Satan, Jesus, Clowns, Zombie... wtf ? 

Bold Spot Tat

So that's how it happens.