Sulim Yamadaev is dead

Chief of Dubai Police confirmed the death of Sulim Yamadaev and have detained seven suspects with slavic names. Assistance in the investigation of the murder Sulim Yamadaev offered and Ramzan Kadyrov.

Brothers Yamadaev

Ruslan(1961 — 2008)

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Dzhabrail(1970 — 2003)


Isa.Now hi is entrepreneur.On photo the funeral of Ruslan


Moscow City Court has been sentenced to 12 years in strict regime in May 2003. He was accused in a raid on the shop «Kundum» in July 2000 and attempted murder of the general sanitary doctor of Moscow Alexander Melnikov in June the same year.Now is wanted.


Sulim rebel

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Sulim Yamadaev is alive!

Administrator of Hospital «Rasheed», which was delivered to injured former commander of the battalion «East», under the name of Suleiman Madova, reported on the radio program «Time» First Channel that Yamadaev alive.

«Yes, he is alive. But the more information I can't give. He is in very critical condition».

Criminal UAE:Murder of Sulim Yamadayev

Former Chechen rebel commander Sulim Yamadayev, a bitter rival Kremlin-appointed Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, was critically wounded in an assassination attempt in Dubai on Saturday, Russian newspapers reported Monday. In September, Sulim's brother Ruslan, a deputy in Russia's lower house of parliament, was shot dead in an apparent contract killing in central Moscow.

The brothers were part of a powerful Chechen clan who fought the Kremlin during the first secessionist war in the early 1990s, before changing sides. In 2004, they were named Heroes of Russia, one of the country's highest honours.

Sulim Yamadayev challenged Kadyrov, another former rebel, for control over Chechnya's security forces until last summer, when he was dismissed from the military and forced to flee.

A rash of high-profile killings of Chechens in Moscow and abroad last month has spooked exiles from the war-torn Caucasus region and cast suspicion on Kadyrov.

Kadyrov has denied links to Ruslan Yamadayev's shooting and the murders of three Chechens in Vienna and Istanbul, calling such accusations an attempt to seed disorder and blacken his name.

On photo Sulim Yamadayev with Ramzan Kadyrov

Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets said Yamadayev had been attacked by unidentified gunmen in an underground garage at his home in Dubai mid-afternoon on Saturday.

He was hit by three bullets to the chest and shoulder, according to reports.

"I am now in the hospital in Dubai," the paper quoted Yamadayev's younger brother Isa as saying on Sunday.

"Sulim is in a poor state, unconscious, no one is allowed in the see him. But I think he will pull through. I hope... There have been so many attempts on his life."

In a conflicting earlier report, the United Arab Emirates' state news agency WAM cited Dubai's police chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim as saying on Saturday that a younger Chechen man, Suleyman Madov, had been killed in what looked like a closely planned murder.

"It is obvious that the murderer knew the victim very well, and knew where he lives and parks his car," Tamim was quoted as saying.

A suspect identified by Dubai's authorities in the attack was able to escape the scene, daily Kommersant said Monday.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates' Premier Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is to hold talks in Moscow on Monday with President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin press service said.

Sulim Yamadayev was commander of Vostok, a pro-Kremlin Chechen battalion, that is oft cited among Russia's most experienced and battle-hardened troops for its role fighting separatists rebels in the republic.

But local media reported in April that animosities between Yamadayev and Kadyrov had culminated in clashes between Vostok and Kadyrov's security forces.

Russian military officials have denied rumors of a shootout between the rival pro-Kremlin forces.

Last week, Medvedev backed lifting a federal anti-terrorism security regime in place since 1999 in a move that underlines Kremlin support and looks likely to boost Kadyrov's power.

Yamadayev, for his part, was relieved of command over Vostok in May over charges of kidnapping and illegal detentions.

The charges were later dropped, and, before being finally dismissed by the military in August, Yamadayev led Vostok troops in Russia's brief war with Georgia in August.

He could be assassinated by islamic extremists for the destruction in Chechnya islamic leader Abu al-Valida.

Video of conflict of Kadyrov and Badrudi Yamadaev(junior brother of clan Yamadaev)which had been fatally wounded two soldiers «Vostok»

Criminal Russia:Murder of Ruslan Yamadayev

Ruslan (Khalid) Bekmirzayevich Yamadayev (December 10, 1961 – September 24, 2008) was a Chechen military leader and politician.More information

Video of murder

Killer on Audi,not BMW.

Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoo

Under the eyes "Full of love"(about eyes).
On the chin "Dangerous.Will kill".

Russian Criminal Cars

Today I want to tell about russian criminal cars.

These cars 2:

VAZ 2109

Vaz 2109
BMW.Of course black

BMW M5 E34
BMW M5 E34

This photo is my wallpaper

BMW M5 E34

Photos from here

Here History of BMW.I recommend reading,is very interesting history.

Why VAZ 2109?Why not other cars or others models of VAZ?

These cars are often used in the 90th years, because the 90th years in Russia were very criminal.In 90th years, had not were powerful models like now, so there are several reasons why 2109 better than other:
2.2108 is the same as 2109 but with 2 doors.4 better when shooting out of the car easier come out.
3.Car russian, not foreign, so unconspicuous.
But it's just my opinion.

VAZ 2108

VAZ 2108

Second car is BMW,but not all BMW,more criminal model is M5 E34.Why E34?Because E34 as 2109 model of 90th(from 1987),and the 90th years in Russia were very criminal.
In german BMW is:
but in russian BMW is:
In inglish:
Wor is Vor v zakone

BMW is Boomer or Beha,like in english Bimmer.

Some video of cars from criminal movie(i know that not all BMW in clip is M5)

Mp3 from video with BMW M5 E34

Some photos of Boevaya Mashina Worov with girls

P.S:I am not saying that all bandits use only to those two cars.Those 2 are the most popular.

Russian Criminal News:Car explosion In Kemerovo.

Today in the Kemerovo was blown up car.

Owner of car local businessman with extensive criminal past Andrey Zubov is dead.

Russian Criminal News:Sturm apartment with bandits in Vladivostok.

Today in Russia in Vladivostok were liquidated three bandits suspects in the recent attack on businessmen from China.
The attack resulted in the chinese with gunshot wounds of varying degrees of severity were taken to hospital, one of them died from injuries received.
Bandits defend from grenade cup discharge and automatic weapons.
All three criminals killed during the operation.
At 55 seconds of video can be seen as due to smoke the bandits went to the balcony with guns and they killed.

Big photo of Viacheslav Ivankov.Rarity.

Found a big normal photo of Yaponchik.All photos what i saw in internet small like avatar.

Sweet pupsik from Spain

Russian criminal tattoo
He 17-19 years old,prison saw only on TV from helicopter.Sweety pupsik.But in Spain a lot of gays who like pupsik like this and they will not let him get bored.

Photo of sweety from here

Eastern Promises

Watched this movie, read reviews and watched.I not liked because about the russians tattoo I knew before and I know more than shown in the film.But probably is best foreign film about the russian mafia.Not all russian can make a good movie about the russian crime, what talk about foreigners.
What is the difference between the previous films about the Russian mafia, and thit?
In this movie told to audience about the russians tattoo, and this discovery for many foreigners.
Watching a movie and thinking that all this history just an excuse to talk about tattoos.Why called the Eastern promises is not clear, could be called Russian criminal tattoo.
Film about the russian mafia is not a movie if it does not sing Kalinka-Malinka, Ochi Chornie,Katiusha not dance Kazachok.Тhat's OK, because the film was not only for Russians,and these things are stereotypes of Russians like vodka and balalayka.

One interesting thing:
Vigo's consultant on the russian language was Olegaro Fiodoro!!!!!Nоt some Andrey Semionov or Sergey Efremov or Ivan Ivanov,Olegaro Fjodoro!!!!!!!It's like russian scientist Schnizelberg and amerikan scientist Makarov.

Тhe only thing I liked most is the end of the first few minutes of film which showed the tattoo, it was really beautiful.