Almaz-Antey lost employee

Today in Moscow was shot the chief of department of «Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» Andrey Barabenkov

According to law enforcement officers after murder the offender was looking something in the car and then fled.

- Casual witness saw a how two mans after shot went in different sides, and a third began to rummage in the cabin - told L! source in law enforcement. - He took from car three bags and fled.

I want to say that on 6 June 2003 in Moscow, was shot dead the acting director of Concern PVO Almaz-Antey Igor Klimov. According to the basic version, the murder is connected with professional activity Klimov and has a contract character. As reported in "Almaz", 26 June, was to be held shareholders' meeting, during which wanted to choose a general director.

Added for news of Yapochik video of surveillance camera

Attempted murder on Yamadaev

Today was an attempt at murder on Isa Yamadaev.
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The killer came to home of Isa as a guest and began to shoot.
Interesting detail about Yamadaevs: photo killed in UAE Sulima still nowhere no.Maybe he was not killed?All the news about this murder that the enemies thought that he is dead.

Bullet for Yaponchik

Today in Moscow was an attempt at a vor v zakone Viacheslav Ivankov known as Yaponchik.

The shot was taken from the sniper rifle with telescopic sights when the Yaponchik left the cafe.Bullet pleased Ivankov in stomach.Wounded he taken to hospital where doctors are struggling for his life.And i think struggling under the pistols.

Shoot was made from this car

Wife of Ivankov

Ivankov had surgery but the condition is heavy.

Surveillance camera video

Criminal Russia

Chinese dragon tattoo

The dragon tattoo design makes a unique and powerful personal statement for the individual who chooses it for self-expression in body art.And the Chinese dragon tattoo is really awesome.The Chinese dragon has been a symbol of power and mystery
Chinese dragon tattoo The meaning of Chinese dragon tattoo
In medieval Europe, the dragon was a bloodthirsty, fire-breathing figure. Its malevolence and ferociousness struck terror in all. But in Asia, the dragon is the contrary. The mighty dragon is a mythical beast long celebrated for its benevolence, intelligence and good will, which can protect us and give us good luck!

Russian criminal tattoos

St. Michael Slaying a Demon Tattoo...

I started my friend Johnny's full sleeve this week. He wants it to depict a Biblical good and evil theme with angels fighting demons. This first session completed the feature image of St. Michael slaying a demon with hell below and heaven shining down from above. There will be more work done to this portion of the piece to tie it in with the rest of the images, but this is a great start. Thanks Johnny for sitting like a champ!
I also laid out this Old E lettering on this guys back...classic.