Hand tattoo design

hand free tattoo design, skull tattoo designsThis tattoo covers the whole hand, which is not common since people may tend to avoid shaking hands with you:) There are two skulls this tattoo, from difference angles.
russian criminal tattoo

On the neck Ordered to survive.In centre of cross is swastika.

New tattoo of Aleksandr Emelyanenko

Aleksandr Emelyanenko made a new tattoo

AE: In my own life going on a lot of interesting events, but the issues I hear about them less. I like to communicate with people I love and respect for their fans, but believe me, at least three times a week is «wiseacre», which yet again raises the theme of my hobbies, and writes on my forum that I have - the authority of thieves and the stars at shoulders - the best proof. And here I am again for the thousandth time I explain that the tattoo - my passion, that if I like drawing, I do not see the problem that put him on the body

Possibly his stars not meaning nothing.


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I like stars, but I do not like when they make all who want to like sweety pupsik.Criminal tattoo interesting fact that they have meanings and not everyone has the right to make and making this tattoo there where nobody want to be.It's like closed art.About tattoo normal i have opinion too:i not like.Not meaning nothing,it just drawing,no more.I don't want no body offend,it just my opinion.Tattoo from army it another tema.

About new tattoo of Aleksandr Battle of Kulikovo "Combat of Peresvet against Chelubei" i think is for nationalism.In video he with Dmitriy Diomushkin,lider of Slavic Union(SS(Slavianskiy Soyuz).If his tattoo about this tema i not see nothing bad.Better tattoo of Peresvet than Hitler.


russian tattoo

St.Nikolay have meaning like Virgin Mary,protection from some misfortune.
Russian tatoo

On index finger swastika mean otricala.
On middle finger rhomb mean conviction.
On fourth finger mean robbery.

I may wrong with the meanings of rings because there are many and some rings likes another.I'ts better ask prisoner.

Meanings of letters i don't know but possibly its LHVS,last letter on little finger not visible.


To trashcops the dick,to thieves freedom.

Another meaning of LHVS it's nonsense(i think)


I like halva,marmalade,sugar.

Russian criminal tattoo

russian criminal tattoo

Under collarbone posible CAT.
Virgin Mary have on under collarbone some thing like stars.I don't know its from religion or it's fantasy of prisoner.
On right hand have crucifix.
On left hand possibly This is what is killing us(knife,woman,drugs etc.).In russian its called BARDAK(BARDACHOK).
On the chest where the heart i don't know what but i interesting.
From left and right virgins candles possibly its mean Until the candle burns,i live.
Bat on chest on right - Night thief.