Once Again...More Tattoo Work...

Mini praying hands for ya!
I love the gangster script all day every day!
This kid was really cool. He and a friend were on a roadtrip from Chicago and he got this cactus tattoo while passing though. We had a good time talking and cutting up while he was in the chair
Belly bird thinks that naval piercing is food

1 July:Judgment Day

Tomorrow the first of July, the day of entry into force of the law on gaming establishments.From 0.00 o'clock all gaming establishments should change activities or closed.Many such establishments holding criminal elements.Now only in Moscow employs about 500 such establishments including 30 casinos, and now all this megagainful activities need closed or just move it in a specially reserved for this area

3.Rostovskaya oblast.
4.Kaliningradskaya oblast.

Most of all I like to areas on the Altay

The beauty, fresh air, forests, fields, mountains, CASINOS! There are any road?

I do not know what will be but the first time to appear clandestine casinos.I think with the times some casinos will move to special areas, but in what area?To those that close to the money.Where is the money in Russia?Of course in Moscow!Therefore will build a casino in the area of No. 3 and 4.This is the first areas of the most profitable for Moscow casino's owners.

Next, how to build these areas.Build casino on wasteland and sit waiting for customers is foolishly.Nobody not going from Moscow to Altay play to roulette.Therefore need to build a casino and a residential complex that will include gambling establishments ,elite hotels, swimming pools, ski slopes, airfield and other amenities which are needed for normal rich person for relaxation.And if this area is far simple plodder never going to there,only the rich and for few days.Few days they will be leave our money!Long distance will be as a filter which will filter out normal people from the rich.

All this is just my thoughts, and not more but at 0.00 o'clock will begin something interesting.

Show Must Go On

Stars tattoo

Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo

For the bikers and motorcycle fans out there. Harley Davidson tattoos provide a great way to show your passion for motorcycles. It has always been a favorite tattoo design among bikers and motorcycle enthusiast. In this picture it shows a forearm tattoo of the very popular Harley Davidson Logo. Designs of the "Harley Tattoos" are sometimes implemented with the American eagle a symbolic symbol for freedom.
Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo
"Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Jim Skea.
Hoje de madrugada, na prorrogação depois do mitápi no Rio.

Afonso, com fundo preto
In the wee hours of this morning, after the Rio fotologger meetup.

Afonso On Black

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Tribal Sun Tattoo

Great design of a Tribal Sun Tattoo done on the arms.
Tribal Sun Tattoo;
"Tribal Sun Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Kitenutuk.
my second tattoo designed by a freind for me to symbolise the birth of my son

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Is this prisoner

Kanji Tattoos

When choosing kanji symbols is that they are only one of three writing systems used in Japan --which is where kanji is used (not China). Kanji is the oldest and most complicated of the three writing systems( kanji, hiragana and katakana). The other systems are hiragana and katakana, with katakana being the most familiar to westerners. Why the most familiar? Because katakana is used specifically to write foreign words (and science words and a few other things) and foreign names.Characters can be written both vertically and horizontally. Here are some Kanji Tattoo Symbols pictures.

kanji Tattoo Symbols
Japan:Kanji Tattoo Symbols
girl Kanji Tattoos

Hardwire Tattoo...

My friend Justin owns and tattoos at Hardwire Tattoo located in Wilmington, NC. When he opened a new shop, he asked me to come down and do some paintwork for him. The only photos of the shop that I could find are these two, but I did much more work than what's shown. Here's the lettering on the front doors, and below is a pirate wench. Justin always has interesting and fun projects for me to do, and this was no exception. I hope to visit him and the rest of the guys who work at the shop soon!

Celebrity Tribal Tattoos Design


White Ink Tattoo

White Ink Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"White Ink Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Rebecca-VT.

Chinese character symbol tattooed in white ink .The meaning of the symbol is "To travel" or "Journey".; This is my 3rd tattoo, and my first white ink tattoo. It is only about 24 hours old in this photo, so it's still raised and crusty looking. So far, it seems to be healing nicely, and is a nice bright white. I hope it stays that way! This was the first white tattoo the artist has done (which should have made me run away), but he's been doing it professionally for over 20 years. It's small enough to cover up if it ends up a disaster!

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Full back tattoo designs

full back tattoo designs
All full back free tattoo designs are like paint, only they are on human skin. The first impression is always whoa!

Photos of armored Porsche Cayenne after shooting

On 28 November 2008 in Moscow was killed georgian businessman in his Porsche.

Gott mit uns

Some New Tattoo Work...

This lettering on the front of the leg is the beginning of a larger piece...
This girl sat like a champ during this fairly big tattoo on her back...
I never get tired of doing Old E lettering

Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoo

Flower Tattoos, Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower

flower tattoo,flower tattoos,hibiscus flower,hibiscus flower tattoo
"Flower Tattoo" Tattoo originally uploaded by Tattoo Colors
Hawaiian tattoo design of a hibiscus flower and the Hawaii Islands. The hibiscus is one of the most popular among flower tattoos.The island is tattooed in tribal designs of patterns that are very unique to the Polynesian cultures.
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Shevkunenko Sergey Yuryevich

Shevkunenko Sergey Yuryevich - (20 November 1959, Moscow - February 11, 1995, Moscow) - Soviet actor.

I watched the movie Kortik(Dirk)with him.Interesting and famous in USSR film.Until yesterday I did not know the fate of the actor.

The movie was released in 1973.

In 1975, after his next fight is sent to special school.

In March 1976 he was again involved in the fight and this time sentenced to year in prison. In conclusion, it receives secondary education and entering the freedom illuminator arranged to «Mosfilm».

In 1978 Sergey gets four years imprisonment for theft, shall be exempt in 1981, the maternal protection passed again to work on «Mosfilm» illuminator.

In 1982, arrested again for burglary and drug possession, was sentenced to 4.5 years. For refusing to cooperate with the administration and an attempt to escape the sentence extended for another 1.5 years.

In 1988 was released from prison disabled the 2nd group (open form of tuberculosis), goes to stay with relatives in Smolensk(Russia).

In 1989 he married, then get a new deadline - one year for possession of weapons. After his release again arrest and three years imprisonment for possession of stolen icons.

After his release in 1994 continued criminal activity, creating a criminal group.In this time in the criminal hierarchy former actor has reached a level «polozhenets», which is preceded by the highest title «vor v zakone».

Once to the prison came a vor v zakone. Sergey has sent a letter to freedom about this vor.Came the answer that the passenger is not a vor,he is just shnyr(One of the lowest level of the prison's hierarchy).After this case the avtoritet of Sergey grew up.

11 February 1995 killed in his apartment on the street Pudovkin, along with his mother. The crime was not disclosed. Buried in Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

February 11, 1995 at about 22.30 Chief(Chef,Actor,his crime nicknames)arrived to his house number 3 on the street Pudovkin. Release the security and went into the porch.

... The first bullet hit Shevkunenko in the stomach. Second - to close the door of the elevator.

According to neighbors, they heard scream: «Stop, padla(some like bitch)! Anyway will kill! »Chef could be saved, if not fatal mistake. When Sergey ran into the apartment, he forgot to remove the keys.The murderer has begun to open the door.At the noise ran from a bedroom 76-year-old Polina Vasilyevna(Mother of Sergey).She immediately realized what was happening and tried to prevent the offender to enter the apartment.But the forces were not equal.The murderer shot twice.Polina Vasilyevna bullets hit in the head.She died instantly.Seeing the death of the mother, Shevkunenko cried for the whole house: «What are you doing, bitch! What do you do ... »But help was nowhere to wait. Chef finished three shots to the head.Thus ended the life of a person, once given great artistic hopes.


With his mother


Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic Knot Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Celtic Knot Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Photos o' Randomness.

The black inked behind this Celtic tattoo really brings out the colors and the designs of the knotwork in this tattoo; John says, "Forearms hurt!"

By Tyson at Iron Brush Tattoo

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Beautiful Star Tattoo

Beautiful Star Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Beautiful Star Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by amazing Tattoo.

Star tattoo on the front shoulder with fine detailed patterns and colors;

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Flower Designs Side Tattoo

Flower Designs Side Tattoo
"Flower Designs Side Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Da Real Mr.T aka Tom von Lucky.

Black and gray tattoo of flowers and vines, a girls side tattoo; freehanded vegetation and lily flowers.

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Weird Tattoo

Weird Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Weird Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Colleen AF Venable.

Weird leg tattoo of connect the dots.; Collage created for publisher who is including me in a coffee table book about weird tattoos called INKED: Clever, Odd and Outragous Tattoos. Woo! They might use this one or one of the awesome ones Chris took.

Ever since I was little I joked about getting my birthmarks numbered--that I was one big connect-the-dots tattoo that made a "me". When I got older I obsessed over the idea of an extremely visible invisible tattoo. I then worked for four years on a project I called "The Stalking and Murdering of a Childhood Giraffe" (EXPLAINED HERE) were I spent four years searching for a giraffe I had as a child and taking pictures of any I came across that were "rejects". 1,712 rejected giraffe photographs later, after I finally found the giraffe (with the help of over 50 friends or "giraffe hunters") I got this tattoo.

Dave C. Wallin who made it did an AMAZING job considering how small the numbers had to be. Pretty sure I'm not the first person in the universe to come up with this idea, but I've yet to see another connect-the-dots tattoo. Got my tattoo on August 25, 2007. The design was based on a really geometric giraffe drawing I once saw (if anyone can find the name of the original artist I would be super appreciative!), but I modified it to have spots and be even more box-like. I love this tattoo so much...which makes it hard to walk down the street without starring at my own calf.

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Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoo
Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoo

Russian criminal tattoo

Japanese Character Tattoo and beautiful flower on the back

Japanese Character Tattoo and beautiful flower on the back girls back tattoo from our content sponser:

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs Pictures

Latest new Tribal tattoo designsFree Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs Free Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs
Free Phoenix Tattoo Design pictures
the phoenix incorporates notions of life, rebirth and renewal. This is a great symbol for 'starting again' or 'washing away the old.' If you are contemplating a phoenix bird tattoo you need to take these values into account.
Free Phoenix Tattoo Design pictures
Cool Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs free
Cool Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs free
Also, a phoenix bird of fire tattoo must be of sufficient size to make an impact. This is a magnificent bird and deserves respect - size is important. You simply can't represent the idea of eternal life and rebirth with a small tattoo!