A to the K Tattoo...

Our local Pimp, Hi-Pitch Rich, had me put this AK-47 on his arm to fill up some available space. He liked it, I liked it...wicked.
...and this girl who raises horses had me design this tribal tattoo for her. It was her first tatty, and on her ribs...ouch!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Another contract killing in Russia

This night in Moscow was killing a businessman Solomon Gavrilov,chief of Interfrukt.

The businessman was returning home after the banquet associated with New Year celebration.

Gavrilov has left the car and walked toward the entrance of house. At this point, was called to a passerby. The businessman turned and fell back, bleeding profusely. It turned out that the murderer was waiting Gavrilov last two hours, while pretending to walk a dog. But when Solomon arrived, opened fire with two pistols.

With serious gunshot wounds chest was hospitalized but died about an hour of the night on the way to hospital.

At the scene of the crime was discovered two pistols with silencers: a 9-millimeter Makarov pistol and IZH 78-7,6.

Eagle Tattoo...

One of my oldest, closest friends wanted an eagle tattoo on his back. He didn't want color, but I used a dirty red to add some shading behind it.
this girl wanted her fiances name on her neck, but she wanted the O to be a ring...clever!
this tattoo went on an Air Force refueling tanker pilot. His hobby is hot rods, so he wanted old school pinstriping in it also

On the index finger ring with a cross means that Passed crosses.
On average otritsala or conviction.Im not sure.
On fourth finger Passed juvenile.
On the little finger Suits of clubs.Prisoner is avtoritet.

About prison Crosses in Saint Petersburg.The prison is so called because it was made in the form of crosses.

Murder of Vor v zakone

News is not new but has to be here.At 7th of February 2009 in Moscow was killed Vor v zakone Alik Minalian (Alik Sochinskiy.Vor of Kavkaz). His friend was wounded on his back.

Alik Minalian


On the video at 1:12 minute talk about accident that happened on the same day in the Tula Oblast(Tula).
On roadside was found burned Mercedes with two bodies inside:man and woman.Before burn the car passengers were shot.

Tumba de Alik Minalian


P.S:some people say that Alik was apelsin (the orange). But not orange as color, orange as fruit.Apelsin is Vor v zakone who never was in prison.

Russian mayor with wife gunned down

tuchkovoThe mayor of a town 80 kilometers (50 miles) west off Moscow and his wife were found dead in their house on Sunday, investigators said.

Vitaly Ustimenko and his wife were found with multiple stab wounds, a police official said.

Ustimenko was the mayor of the town of Tuchkovo with population of over 18,000, for only too months, a local police source said.

"Reports on the murder came to police late in the evening. Investigators are working at the scene," an official spokesman for the Investigation Committee in the Moscow region said, giving no further details


Graffiti Tattoo...

A good friend of mine came in the tattoo shop to get a graffiti piece that he designed on his arm. He gave me artistic liberty to shade and color the piece how I desired, and I think the collaboration resulted in a great tattoo!
...this tattoo was designed for a young guy who is a vocalist and writes music
...this 45 record adapter was put on a close friend who loves music
...and this baby's footprint was put on a mom