"trapped soul on my left side of my neck", this quote will suffice.

Sheri Moon Zombie from the The Devil's Rejects

The tattoo :And the original :

At least the numbers are correct

Thanks Christal for this horrible finding.


Judging by the effect of the scarification I hope that the tat beneath was utterly obnoxious.

D&D Scene

I know it's not finished (or is it?) but future of this tat is from horrible to vomit evoking. (Ps. This tat probably have nothing to do with D&D, it just has these swords, axes, dragon and shit)

Lara Croft

Am I the only one who thinks that, in this tat, she looks like a fish ?

Let's Have A Quiz 5

My guess, grass-demon antlers protecting an egg.

Horrible Tats From Norway

FHM organized a contest for the worst Norwegian tats, these are the candidates.

Original article in Norwegian, and Google's translate version of this site. Check this site for the stories behind those tats.

Many thanks to drittlei, who gave me this source.


What I like about this tat is the failed attempt at drawing some grass (the \|/ , under DC),

Cabbage Patch Kid

... with mittens.

Best Friend Tat

"BFF Man !!!! Now, pull down your pants so I can see myself"

Flaming Skull

Tattoo so bad that it needs captions when presented.


Another poor soul bewitched with the inexplicable beauty of the Tasmanian devil, lured into embroidering its fine, magnificent persona into his integument.

Hello Kitty Whhaaaaa ???

This is horrible, I have nothing with the usual hello kitty tats,if someone wants to have a merchandise symbol on its body, go ahead. But this ? He must be either the biggest HK fan or just a tasteless attention whore. I go for the second option ... link via this blog

Screw Head

Oh man, this guy must have a loose screw, or someone must have screwed with his head (ok, no more bad puns). Nonetheless, I recommend this treatment.

War, Peace, Oil

A good example that the idea itself is not enough,

After Party

The continuation of the drunken worms story.

Anti-Abortion Tat

Just in case she forgets her banner, she can flash the saggy cleavage of hers; for you to "witness" the ugliness of this tat.


Fear my mighty lollipop (and stretch marks)

Crucified Chick

It is so bad on so many levels.

Drunken Worms

You know that you had a good Mexico time, when you wake up and happen to notice something that ugly on your back.

Judas Priest

They look like in pain, serious pain. The "I've been tattooed in a Mt. Rushmore gimmick" like pain...

Courtesy of vel cro. Thanks !


I hope there is a story (probably even mildly interesting) behind this tat.