Star Wars and the Holy Grail of Tattoo Designs - The Search is From Within, Luke

Tattoos have always been about being different and sticking out from the crowd. This has lead just about every person seeking to get a tattoo to want to get something different than what others have gotten. Yet paradoxically this search for something unique and different also leads to creating hot trends in tattoo designs. You see for a while it was the tribal arm band tattoo, then it was the lower back tattoo for women. Before that it was the nautical star, the butterfly and on and on. One could go on forever tracing the "hot trends" in tattoo designs. However, when you research tattoo designs trends you begin to discover that they all started out of the desire to be unique and different. One or two people get a tattoo design that at the time is different and ground breaking. Then other people see the tattoo and they want to get one like it. Thus leads to more and more people getting a similar tattoo and leads to a developing trend in tattoo design. It is always fueled by the search for something different. For example the female that first got full sized angel wings tattoos has become famous in tattoo circles. She did this years ago and it was a very unique and original design at the time. However, it fueled a hot trend for angel wing tattoo designs. Now they are pretty common as a tattoo design for women these days.

Thus is kind of like the search for the Holy Grail is it the never ending story or the never ending search for perfection. Everyone is searching for something that is different and unique and yet this leads to people getting what others are and it leads to hot trends in tattoo designs. So how do you differentiate yourself and your tattoo designs from every one else and how do you end up with something that is unique and cool at the same time.

The Artist Within

Well, the way to come up with an award winning really cool tattoo design that is bold, daring and beautiful all at the same time is not easy. It is a creative process that takes a lot of work, thinking, research and time. Don't think that you are going to end up with a really cool and unique tattoo design by going to Yahoo Answers and asking others a question that asks others what you should get tattooed on your body. Unfortunately I see that all the time people that want a tattoo so badly just to have a tattoo and brag to their friends they have a tattoo that they forgo the whole creative process behind creating a design. Instead they just get a design because their friends say it is cool. Worst yet they end up getting a design because someone on line told them it was cool. If you don't believe me just check out any tattoo forum or Yahoo answers and look at all the questions people ask what kind of tattoo should I get here.

Instead a much better way to go about getting a really cool design is to realize that it is a creative process. Creativity and bringing something to life through a creative process is often likened to giving birth. You will sometimes hear artists say they gave birth to a painting. Meaning the creative process of design is not easy and it takes time, sometimes it takes pain and even suffering or frustration to bring a beautiful design or idea to fruition. Tattoos are no different. So if you realize this from the beginning you can relax and take your time finding or creating your tattoo design.

Creating Designs For The Non Drawing Among Us

Well, I can hear many out there right now reading this article saying but I am not an artist. I don't have an artist within and most of all the wall of "I can't draw" is immediately brought up. However, let me tell you a secret, not all artists can draw all that well either. Even more to the point you can still create a really incredible tattoo without ever picking up a pencil. Instead do the thought and processing work behind the design and then have a professional tattoo artist work with you to create the design. What I mean by that is decide what you want the tattoo to represent. What do you want to tattoo to say about you? Once you have decided this you can find some resources of other tattoo designs and tattoo ideas that express these thoughts. Then you go to your tattoo artist and tell them the thought behind the tattoo and what you are trying to express with your design. You then give him or her the resources and let them work on the artwork or design part of it. Thus way you are working together to give birth to the creative process of this tattoo design.

Being Different And Unique

It is not easy to be different and unique and even stand out from the crowd. When all the other girls are getting lower back tattoos and all the guys are getting tribal sleeve tattoos it is hard to get something totally different. It is also hard to spend time thinking about your tattoo design. It is much easier to go with the crowd and get some standard flash that is on the wall in the tattoo shop. However, since you are going to be sporting the tattoo design the rest of your life it pays to be different and do something unique and individual. Take the extra time and truly come up with a design that you love.