Ozzy Osbourne Tattoos

Ozzy Osbourne is an English singer and song writer who has been active in the entertainment field for the last five decades. Aged 61, Ozzy is known as the Godfather of Heavy Metal due to his association with the British Heavy Metal Band. Ozzy Osbourne is perhaps one of the very few celebrities who have a large portfolio of tattoos. Ozzy has a large gallery of tattoos on his body, which are mostly on his arms including the tattoos on the fingers.

Some of the tattoos on the body of the Rock Icon Ozzy Osbourne include a rose on right shoulder, sword on right thigh, number '3' on his arm, a skull with knife on left arm, a dagger on right arm, bat and woman's face on upper left shoulder, blue dragon with red flames on chest, the word 'Thanks' on the right palm, long pointed dagger with Ozzy banner on left arm, happy faces on both knees and letters O, Z, Z and Y on knuckles of his left hand