Scorpion and Zoloto tattoo


On the right breast abbreviation Zoloto(Gold) - Zapomni, Odnazhdi Liudi Ostaviat Tebia Odnogo - Remember, one day people will leave you alone.

The meaning of the Scorpion tattoo was unknown till just recently, when a few meanings came to light in the comments section of the Russian blog. I decided to put them all together so people can pick the one that fits them best.

The meanings of the Scorpion:

1.Astrological Sign
2.Special Forces tattoo. If the claws are open then the owner has seen combat.
3.Did Box-time (time in the hole)
4.Drug-Addiction. Stinger up-means still using. Stinger down means "I quit".
5.Scorpion in optical sight - Owner has seen combat (Chechnya).
If more meanings come to light, I will add them here.