Brigham Harwell Tattoo

“I have two tattoos with the Bruin ‘B’ on my left arm and then my last name ‘Harwell’ on my right arm. But the Bruin B, it means a lot to me.

Well, out of high school I wanted my last name because I’m sort of a family person. (In the Harwell family) we’re all loved and we’re all together and everything.

And then the Bruin B tattoo has so much meaning to it. It’s a Bruin B, then there’s two little Bs inside of it, which is for my two little brothers, Brent and Byron. We’ve been through so much. I can go on and on about the struggles we went through, growing up and everything. They’ve been my biggest fans throughout high school, throughout college. They go to all my home games. I love them like their my kids and everything. As I get older I want them to live with me. So they mean a lot to me. They’re 17 and 16.

‘Harwell’ I got in high school. The Bruin B I got my sophomore year after the season. I got it because I’d been wanting to get it for a long time: the shape of the Bruin B. Coming to UCLA was a blessing. Coming from my background, none of my family got the chance to go to a university. So being able to come to a university, playing for UCLA, staying close to home – I love it here. I’m a senior next year, so the time is ticking, but I had a great time here. UCLA, this program, coach Dorrell, everybody – it means a lot to me.

‘Harwell’ – really no reactions (to that tattoo). But my Bruin B: Every time we have fans come out or whatever, they go, ‘Damn, that’s a big B!’ You hear kids going, ‘Mommy, look at his arm!’ You get a lot of people saying, ‘Wow, that’s nice.’ And you hear people in the background, ‘I’m gonna get that too.’ It’s funny and everything, but I like it. You get a lot people walking around that are like, ‘Damn, did it hurt?’ or ‘Wow, that’s big.’