Last news surrounding Ivankov's funeral.

1. The hitman, who was a veteran of Afghanistan, was found by the mob and executed.

2. The day of the funeral, a car was found near by with 2 AK47s and 6 extra magazines.

3. People said their goodbyes to Ivankov 3 times. The first time was when the body was leaving the morgue. 4 ambulances left the hospital, 2 of which were followed by luxury sedans, one of the others went to the church where the "brothers" were already waiting.

There were only about 20 of them but they were all high-rank thieves and came to bid farewell from every corner of the world.

The second time was in the church at the cemetery where various politicians, actors and celebrities said their goodbyes.

The third time was the official ceremony which was held during the day.